Frequently Asked Questions



Where is the Ignite Festival?

Sacred Heart School, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7QW


When does the Ignite Festival start and finish?

Arrivals are from 2pm on Saturday 4th May. The final talk and prayer time will end by 9pm on Sunday 5th May. This is a really important session as it brings together the whole weekend and invites our young people to commit themselves afresh.


Because of the late finish we welcome everyone to stay until the Monday morning and enjoy the atmosphere! Then after breakfast on the Monday morning you can be picked from 9am from Swaffham, or we strongly encourage you to do the Pilgrimage Walk and join in the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham, and be picked up late afternoon from the Abbey Grounds in Walsingham.


Can I attend for a single day or part of a day rather than the whole weekend?

Yes you can attend for all or part of the Ignite Festival Weekend and the Pilgrimage walk on the Monday is optional.. However, we highly recommend coming for the whole thing! Feedback over the past few years has taught us that those who come for at least the Saturday and Sunday rather than just a day have a much more profound experience, as the weekend is designed to take people on a journey.


What time does each evening finish and can parents come and pick up rather than young people camp?

The programme finishes at 10:30 each night after some great bands, and then there is a relaxed atmosphere with time to wind down before bed, but parents are welcome to come and pick up each evening  if they would prefer.


Someone in my Confirmation group has a family wedding that weekend. Will it be OK if they don't come?

Bishop Alan expects everyone preparing for Confirmation to come as part of their preparation, not as an optional extra. However, of course if there is a really good genuine reason such a family wedding or GCSEs the following week etc. then it's understandable if people can't come for all of it or even have to miss it all together.


How do I book tickets for the Ignite Festival?

You can book online through this website on the 'Booking' page.


How do I make payment for the cost of the tickets?

Groups will be sent an invoice and if you are a parish group, it will be sent directly to your parish after the Festival. People who have booked as indiviuduals will be sent details how to pay.


Is there minimum age limit of who can come to the Ignite Festival?

Ignite is for everyone in Year 8 upwards and especially for everyone preparing for Confirmation.


Can I bring my family to the Ignite Festival?

Sadly no – the site can only safely accommodate a limited number and we are anticipating we will reach this limit with those in Year 8 up to age 18 (and accompanying leaders), and Confirmation groups, which is the target age of the Festival.  The only exception is if catechists or group leaders have younger children in their family that they cannnot leave for the weekend, they are very welcome, as long as it is appreciated that the programme is not aimed at a younger age group.


If you would like to take your whole family to a similar event, we suggest the Celebrate East Anglia event in June which the Diocesan Youth Service help run and is set up as a family event. More information on this event can be found at


Is there an upper age limit of who can come to the Ignite Festival?

Yes.  The maximum age limit is 18 with three exceptions:


a. If you are over 18 and bringing a group of young people you are welcome to attend (please see below)

b. If you are over 18 and preparing for Confirmation, or part of the WYD group, you are welcome to attend.

c. If you are willing to assist with general duties over the weekend you can apply to come as a volunteer event if

      you are over 18 – our Events Manager will make contact and discuss the volunteering options available


Will Parental Consent Forms be required?

Yes – for all youth up the age of 18 years will need a parental consent form. They are online on the 'Bookings' page.




Will there be a vegetarian option for meals?



I have food allergies – can I have a special meal?

All meals supplied will be free from nut or shellfish which are common allergies.  For those who have other allergies, please notify us.  If we can not accommodate specific dietary requirements we will let you know.



Which meals are provided free during the weekend?

Saturday –  Evening Dinner

Sunday   –  Breakfast, Sandwich Lunch, Evening Dinner

Monday  –  Breakfast, Packed Lunch for those taking part in the walk



Can I buy additional food on site during the weekend?

There will be a tuck shop selling other food and drink items at specific times during the weekend.  All purchases are by cash only so please ensure you bring sufficient money with you.  





Is transportation to and from the event provided?

No.  Please arrange your transportation to and from the Festival.  If you are taking part in the Pilgrimage to Walsingham you need to arrange to be picked up from Walsingham.  If you are not, you need to arrange to be picked up from Swaffham.



Is there parking at Swaffham?

There is no parking on site at the Sacred Heart School.  There is a drop off point at the rear of the school – map will be uploaded shortly.  We are discussing parking facilities with some local businesses and will provide information of where you can park cars and minibuses in due course.  


Is transport provided to Walsingham or to the Pilgrimage Walk start point?

Yes.  We are supplying coach transportation from Swaffham to the Pilgrimage Walk start point. It will also be possible to be coached directly to Walsingham and for belongings (i.e. tents and sleeping bags) to be taken directly to Walsingham.


Group Leaders should email Hamish at [email protected] to let us know whether they, or their accompanying leaders, will:

a) Go on the provided transport to the walk start point, do the walk and need shuttling back to Swaffham to pick up a car Monday afternoon.

b) Go on the provided transport to the walk start point, do the walk and have made their own arrangements to get picked up from Walsingham.

c) Drive their own car to the walk start point and slowly drive onto Walsingham arriving approximately at the same time as the walking group.

d) A variation of one of the above!





Where will I be sleeping?

In true festival style, accommodation is camping. Please arrange to bring camping tents with you and all necessary equipment to put these up.  You are responsible for setting up and dismantling your own tents.  There will be separate areas for male and female.  Please note tents can only be shared by people of the same gender and to comply with child protection guidelines, we cannot allow under 18 year olds and over 18 year olds to share a tent.


Is there any alternative to camping?

Camping adds to the 'festival feeling', and most young people find it fun. There is limited space to 'camp' in the sports hall, if you don't want to brave the elements.  To comply with safeguarding requirements, so that under 18s and over 18s, male and female have their separate personal space, it is still necessary to put up a tent in the sports hall (which doesn't need pegging down to stay up). For leaders who don't want to camp, there is limited floor space available in classrooms etc. However, at least one leader for each group needs to be sleeping in the proximity of their group ro suervision. There are a few beds available in the convent but there are so few of these, they really are for people who need a bed because of a medical condition.  Please contact us if you would like to do anything other than camp outside and depending on numbers and available space, we will try to accommodate you.



I do not have a tent, can I borrow one?

The Diocese has a small number of tents available and is happy to loan these on a first come first served basis.  If you wish to book one please contact us.


In the first instance, please contact family or friends to borrow a tent.  You may also find the local Scout and Guide Groups may be able to assist with a short term loan arrangements.




What supervision is provided?

The Diocesan Youth Service is committed to running an event that is as safe as possible, but we ask group leaders and catechists to supervise their groups in the same way as they would if they took them to any other event or retreat. This allows us to focus on running the event itself.


Is there security on site?

There will be volunteers on site who will be providing security support throughout the day and night times.  


Is there medical support on site?

We will have a trained First Aider on site and with us on the walk.


Where will my personal belongings be kept during the weekend?

There is no lockable storage available and therefore you are advised not to bring valuable items with you or to keep valuable items with you at all times.


How is the walk to Walsingham supervised?

There will be a number of leaders on the walk and a support vehicle meeting at designated points. This will carry water and have the capacity to pick people up if they don't want to walk anymore. During times of walking on the road, the support vehicle will drive behind the group.