Saturday 4th May


2:00pm    Arrivals & Registration Open

4:00pm    Opening Session

5:45pm    Supper

7:00pm    Evening Session

10:30pm   Time for Sleep


Sunday 5th May


8:00am    Breakfast

9:00am    Morning Session

1:00pm    Lunch

2:00pm    Workshops / Activities

6:00pm    Barbecue

7:15pm    Evening Session

9:15pm    Live Band

10:30pm   Time for sleep









Monday 6th May


On Monday there is the option of joining

us for the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham or going straight home

that morning.






Our Sunday evening session is really important  as it brings together the whole weekend  This is followed by our live band who are well worth seeing. Because of the late finish we welcome everyone to stay until the Monday morning and enjoy the atmosphere!



Do you need time to study?

We run Ignite on this weekend so we can join the Diocesan Plgrimage to Walskingham on the Monday. However we are aware some of you have exams very soon after, or deadlines to meet. So, at various times throughout the weeknd we will have a study room available.


On Monday morning you can either be picked up from Swaffham or join  the Pilgrimage Walk to Walsingham (highly recommended!). If you'd like to go to Walsingham but don't fancy doing the walk, we can take you directly to Walsingham.




Please note that the timetable for the Ignite Festival 2019 are still being finalised

so the following timings are subject to change.

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