We have tried to keep ticket prices as cheap as possible while putting on a high quality event.

The Diocese is subsidising it considerably.


There are three types of tickets available:


Day Pass                                £17                  

(can be used Saturday or Sunday)


Weekend                                £27

(valid Saturday to Monday)


Weekend + Walk                    £29

(includes transport from Swaffham to walk start point and a packed lunch)



1) If you are only able to stay for one night you still need a full 'Weekend' ticket or if coming on to Walsingham the "Weekend + Walk" ticket.


2) If you would like to come to Walsingham on the Monday but don't want to do the walk, you can become an 'Ignite Angel', and help tidy up in the morning.  To show our appreciation, you only need a 'Weekend' ticket as we will take you to Walsingham and provide a packed lunch free of charge!


3) If you (or friends and family) want to just join us for the Pilgrimage Walk, providing your own transport and packed lunch, there is no charge for this. Details of the start point and time of the walk will be publicised shortly.


4) If you are coming as a group, different members of the group can have different tickets - please fill in the booking form as required